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Hi i'm Becca
You can find me under the tag #slimsnake
// Twin Cities, MN // Swedish-American // Viking Descendant // Gothy Eclectic

I'm a social (shy) introvert with a dash of spiritual wanderlust and some dumb ideas. Obsessed with life and death, I like to laugh and adventure often. Watch me as I grow and follow my heart.

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Studies show that people who have fantasies about the future have a lower success rate than those who simply have positive expectations. Source

this is true



Necropants are made of human skin and were worn by Icelandic sorcerers in the 17th century. As far as we know, there is just one pair of intact necropants left on earth and they are locked behind glass at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery Witchcraft in Holmavik, Iceland. - Another Croatoan favorite!

I didn’t even Finnish the fajita and I’m already regretting it.



What if I told you that teenage pregnancy isn’t a 21st century thing and actually has been something that has actually been happening sice the beginning of mankind?


Human attack! [video]

Kylie Minogue: Can´t get you outta my head HIGH quality HQ HD

Bringing this back because I feel like it.

P.s. it looks like she’s dancing in front of a mirror the entire video. haha

Cyanide & Happiness

google it.

Okay, so I received this new ASUS laptop not even three weeks ago. Every time I open anything (specifically the interwebs) it will run fine for a little bit, and then freeze.. and it just continues in that cycle. It does this with both Firefox and Chrome. Before you ask me “how many tabs do you have open?” That Is Irrelevant! Even if there is just one tab open, it will do this.

No, I refuse to bring it into Geeksquad or any other fancy computer people to spend a ton of money on a bunch of junk and no results. I just want to know if anybody out there has recently purchased a ASUS laptop with Windows8 and is also having this very VERY frustrating issue. And/Or knows off the top of there head what to do to fix this problamo.

If not, Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your Tumblr feed. :3

Sleepless-ness due to some mental scarring

About seven hours ago, I had Buster in the bathtub so I could clean some poo off of his hind quarters. (he had a diarrhea attack on the way home from the vet) and afterwards he was calmly lapping up some water that was running from the faucet. Suddenly, he jerked his neck harshly to the right, toppled over and started to shake violently. HE WAS HAVING A SEIZURE! I had no freaking idea what to do except to scream for my Mom. 

Looking back, the entire incident didn’t even last a minute; but in the moment it seemed like forever. Ever since, I’ve just been sitting here scared as heck wondering:

Was that his first?

Are there going to be more?

Are they gonna get worse?

What if he has one when nobody’s there to comfort him after?

Is he suffering?

ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh 

How To Fight Fair




Fighting is a part of all kinds of relationships. Fighting can actually prove to be healthy and strengthen the relationship, if done right. Here are some ways on how you can fight fair.

Our favorite tip is number 5! 

How To Fight Fair



There’s been a lot of rumors flying around about this and i just want to address it here before you hear any false information from anywhere else. yes i do sneeze sometimes. i’m not perfect. i’d appreciate privacy on the matter as i’m not really comfortable talking about it yet. thank you